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Astro workshop

Astro workshop


Fri, Jul 13, 201810:00 PM  Sat, Jul 14, 20181:00 AM

Astrophotography workshops, my goal is to share the excitement and inspiration I have developed for this art form by teaching you how to make truly remarkable starscapes of your own while having the best possible experience. You will come home with images that will leave you and your friends breathless! The possibilities are limitless when you combine a wide angle lens, a tripod and a headlamp under the night sky. Utilizing the skills I’ve developed with the techniques I teach in my workshop, I have gone on to win many awards for photography. I have worked on exciting productions, and been published!  I am all about inspiring others to reach for the stars. No other workshops in the greater area compare to the quality and excitement you will gain from this photography adventure.

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