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What to wear ft Abbie

Be comfortable.
By far my biggest suggestion is to dress comfortably. Why? Few feel confident once the camera is pointed towards them (I hear that) and it’s hard to summon confidence in too high heels or a dress you are constantly tugging at.  Though it’s frustrating to also spend money on photos of you in the

 s a m e  e x a c t  outfit you don everyday. So my suggestion and practice is to wear at least one item you are comfortable in.

Know your silhouettes.
I never love telling people what to wear as I think everyone has a distinct style and they should rock what they love.  But I do think people should be educated on the difference different silhouettes can bring to your portraits.

Finding a silhouette that you value and feel confident is something you can’t ignore. I know it’s hard for me to sometimes say I feel great in XY or Z, it’s important you can appreciate what you look good in as you are the one who will ultimately see your portraits for forever.


Quick Guidelines for Gorgeous Portraits
No neon colors
Iron or steam out wrinkles
Opt for dainty patterns
Avoid baggy clothes, fitted works best

Have some fun.
I can’t stress it enough – don’t forget to be you.

Fashion may have rules, but style doesn’t have to.  Your style should absolutely be your own and if you ever worry about something being “too” this or that, always reach out to me.  Photographers are amazing at helping educate you on what might look best!