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All about props FT Cooper

So you’ve booked your senior portrait session and surprise, it’s tomorrow! What now?

Some notes about what to bring to your senior portrait session:

Well first, you’ve got to bring a few changes of clothes. This is your time to shine and you shouldn’t do it in just one outfit. You’re probably going to have at least 50 pictures taken and do you want to be in the same outfit the entire time? Probably not. So bring some outfits that a) you feel comfortable in and love, b) represent your time in school (maybe a football jersey or letterman jacket) and c) something a little more formal (like a dress or nice jacket). 

If your graduation is right around the corner, a cap and gown is a great option!  Same with any school or sports related uniforms or items.  We should TOTALLY celebrate all those things you worked so hard for while you were in school. 

Last, think about things you love to do, paint? read? cook? play an instrument? take photos? listen to music? dance? fish? Take that and run with it 

Had a fun little mini shoot with Cooper Smith who has some AWESOME IDEAS planned for his actual senior shoot, And got to know a little more about him.

"I'm excited for my senior year because I finally get to play Friday night lights on the football field and a lot more people to cheer me I'm in the stands I also hope to be a Captain this year if possible I'm already a Captain on the wrestling team I'm hoping to have a great season this year and not get injured like always   i'm also in unified track for special ed I love helping the kids and meeting new people in the sports it's great to see how much heart some people have I'm always willing to help out people in need"

It's all about what you want so be sure to book today for the early bird special here 


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