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Give up...Don't give up and what the heck are you talking about

One in four people in the United States is a photographer. One-half of the people on Facebook have a ‘Fan/Company Page’ for their photography business. 

How could you possibly think that you’ll just one day pick up a camera and find enough work to leave your day job? Bills? Family? You can tell how all this works like uhhh ‘Professionals’ now offer ‘workshops’  How are YOU going to make it with just taking pictures?



Art School students spend upwards of $80k to get their photography degrees – and they’re struggling soooo you think you’ll do any better with what you remember from your high school photography class? Well funny story I didn't take photography in High school and i Certainly don't have a photo degree

Yes. The photography market is ‘saturated’ as they say – and everyone and their mom is now a photographer. Everyone and their moms’ mom is a photographer. Cameras are cheap. After a quick facebook search 47 photography pages locally and back in 2014 there was 45,704 just per photo pages on facebook that's 1 per 1000 and some change. After you do all the math it's really really close to 1 per 257. Now throw "cellphone photogs in" 1 per 1.  Like any industry where the barriers are low, you get a lot more competitors. So what do you do? how do you overcome the fact there is just too much competition out there?  

NOW before we go any deeper I'm not bashing anyone actually it's quite the opposite, we all know there is only one Photographer around here that does stuff like that.....

Still here?? GREAT!! 

“It’s not about the camera.” hahah Whatever!!!!!! That’s why professionals use entry level cameras....Not only do professionals use better cameras – they have better lenses! And Flashes! And studio lights! And assistants! And expensive websites!  Well, okay – your gear might suck – but that’s okay because you can still win. Believe it or not, people made amazing photographs before.  The fact is that if you have a camera made in the last 5 years (or even 8 ) – you have nothing to worry about. Honestly. The fact is This your gear doesn’t suck. 


You suck at least if you don’t know how to get the best out of your gear, overcome its limitations, and do the pre-planning Go out and scout locations take photos there, so you don't get a client and spend your time complaining about the conditions. So uh why not spend more time figuring out how to push your camera, push yourself while you’re shooting – and in post. All three are crucial for doing the best you can with what you’ve got. Knowing exactly how your photos are going to show up in post helps you while you’re actually shooting Remember this "shoot for the final" If you don't read any more of this Fine BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY PRACTICE BEFORE YOU SELL!!!


 You finally got your website up. You finally got your blog going with a few entries. You finally setup your facebook fan page. Oh lets not forget Instagram and twitter account are linked to your FB so you don’t have to post things twice. You’re set! People are flocking to your website! Reaping the benefits aren't you??  


Lets not forget they’re asking for discounts on your already low prices. They’re asking if you can just give them a few more hours at their wedding/party/event for free since you’ll already be there. They’re also just not booking you. All of your friends on facebook who ‘like’ your work well they seem to be hiring other people whenever they need photos. Or they at least want that discount called free. Just this once – come on! Can’t you give it to them for free?

How are you ever going to find clients that will pay you enough money to make a living?! How are you going to find clients that you don’t already know? Where are they all? Who knows. You Barely have any budget for advertising or marketing let alone to eat AND basically you don’t have any sort of a budget. Remember? That’s why your gear sucks (see above).

Marketing sucks – and how are you supposed to learn marketing at the same time you’re supposed to learn photography! And Editing?! Insert chuckle here.  

And your competition? How about the fact that they have to work just as hard at the marketing as they do the photography. YOU have to study and learn marketing. You wouldn’t go into any other business without focusing on marketing (well you shouldn’t) 

And it’s not that they don't market, it’s that they don’t realize that their marketing is competing with everyone else’s in the same way that they’re photography is competing. You post, you maintain your facebook photography page, you also twitter a lot. 


how about being unique and actually showing how we made those shots – or failed trying.

Why do so many photographers only look to other photographers for ideas on how to market themselves? ‘How about i do just what you’re doing.’

I WAS GUILTY buuuuut Quit it already

I went a little off track on this one – but the simple answer is that you can learn marketing. You just have to spend as much time on it as you do photography. Everything you do should be marketing.

You want to know who’s your competition? ME!! I'm your competition. This is my full time job. I spend every waking moment thinking about how to better my Photography AND Marketing. I am kidding(sorta) 

I can only speak for myself here and what I had to do when I started. I was working at a Retail company and I started shooting as much as I possibly could. I cut out all of my other hobbies/interests and most of my television watching. In fact having a day job forced me to be more efficient with my time, but more importantly – more selective with what I chose to do with my time.

I could either be depressed, sleep, watch tv or I could go shoot, edit the photos when I got home and get them uploaded. Almost everything I’ve read in the last two years has been a book or magazine about photography or marketing.

Back when I was still at my day job, I had only two main goals:

1. Keep my day job. No matter how horrible it was, actually it really wasn't but that's a story for another day

2. Build the photography up to the point where I couldn’t keep my day job.

That’s it – everything else fell to the wayside. Yes, your day job takes up all of your time – but so do many other things. Cut out what you can, and be RUTHLESS about it.

But for real be a grown up and keep your day job. It’s a restriction that will force you to make better decisions with your time. NEXT!!!

I say this as a friend I really mean this when I say that I just want this more than you. I’m flat out going to work harder than you.

Not only that I’m going to take bigger risks. I’m going to read more, shoot more, practice more, and flat out MORE YOU. I said it

I’m going to MORE YOU. I’m just going to do everything MORE THAN YOU. 

This one is mostly true. You can’t possibly work harder than me. 

But you don’t have to  just work differently – and come up with different ideas and create a product that is uniquely, you. Whether your competition is me, or someone else I cannot compete when a client really just wants you.

I can compete when they want photographs,  but when they just want you  well, then I have got nothing that can beat that. :) 

Your job is simply to make them want you. Period. Forget trying to sell your ‘better’ photographs, or better package deals – those are things that someone else can always do just a little bit better or cheaper.

You being you is an advantage that you have that no one else can overcome. And on that note thanks for sticking with it. If you need photos click right HERE