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Depression Chronicles #1

Earlier this week, i posted on my personal page for "how depression feels to you?" I had a pretty overwhelming response, so spread the word, share if you want. One of these could be you, your parents, or your best friend, and maybe just maybe it will spread some light on how we feel.

and so it begins:

The Depression Chronicles


"Depression to me is a deep dark tunnel with a faint light at the end. Every time you get close, it feels the tunnel gets longer. No matter if you run, crawl or walk, there is no end."

It may not be easy get out...and in some cases it might not even be possible to go back. 
If we can zero ourselves enough to think clearly about where we are, who we are, we can gain some perspective once again. We are simply in a tunnel. not as bad as it sounds It’s not as though we’ve fallen into a bottomless pit. This tunnel has a beginning, and in our head we know that it has an end. If we keep moving forward and doing our part, we will eventually make it through. 
So maybe take a break to catch your breath. While you're at it, we may indulge in some heavy sighs, pouting, grumbling, maybe even some good old-fashioned raging. But eventually we'll make the choice to start moving again.
And on we go.
Ultimately we do believe that the tunnel will have an end. We know that the journey will feel easier when we can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. And imagine the feeling that we'll feel when we come out into the light once again.