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Yesterday, I had a kid shoot. Pretty fun but it got me thinking. What people usually see is the after product.  Everyone smiling, everything soft and peaceful. First off softness my style is far from it. Our eyes go soft after around 12 years old. From then on its softer that's what we see everyday. It's not vivid the colors don't pop, Hell most photographers smooth creases and freckles....nope....Flaunt it remember scars are cool.  

Ok back to the family shoot. Kids get bored, and kids get mad some kids start off as mad. Our goal as a photographer is to make the experience wonderful for everyone. and 90% of the time that's not always the case. So what you end up with is 3 kids and 2 adults trying to make a mad little one laugh. You see some of the silliest moments, the laughs, and of course the tears. I'm sure they make hotshoe things to make babies laugh or look at you at least. There is absolute chaos in a photoshoot, no matter the situation CHAOS. Controlling, maintaining it, and not being scared of it is the key.  


We do what we do for memories, Don't be scared to accept the crazy.