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Here of late and why wont this flash work

So, here we are three weeks into the grand adventure. No mojo lost, checking every avenue to do whatever kind of shoot i think i can pull off. Finding out what i excel at and what i can do to keep the income steady.
I am a pretty versatile photog, I will shoot a lot of different stuff, usually around 10-70 photos a day of the most random crap. Everything to a beautiful model to a cat, weddings to trees. All for the sake of getting better, honing my craft and making the "art" better.  Go kill it and have fun with what you are doing. 

It's starting to look a lot like spring around here so it's money time, If you are anything, A musician, artist, photog anything bust your ass get what you want. I mean you don't have to cut any others down to do it just be the best you can possibly be. Make those dreams happen. If you start getting bored go take pictures of something you never have, write a different style of music, pick up a different brush. 

And speaking of shooting everything.....