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This has been building up for quite some time now. Hearing people say my photography is pretty awesome and the like. I've always been humble about it, always worried if it was good enough. If I was good enough, Always being told “do it for a living”, I just brushed it off as just kind words on their part. I remember about 3 months ago. I had a little kid probably 9 maybe 10 tell me that I "made the town(Bedford,IN)  look cool". Up until that moment it hadn't really sunk in, I mean that kid had nothing to lose, and 90% of the time Kids are honest if they have nothing to lose.

That did it I thought to myself I am going to do it. Days came and went and I seriously couldn't bring myself to leave my Job no matter what happened there. And throughout this entire photographic journey, there has been so many photographers pop up in the area, I mean i am one of them that popped up. I just learned you have to do better than everyone around you. There are quite a few established photogs around. some use only cellphones( that is for a different blog. Sorry that's not photography) Out of all the ones around here I love them, I look up to them, and I support them, except for one. And honestly I would probably feel the same about him but, he is a Douchey McDoucherson with a outdated god complex. Anyways I am getting off topic.

"Will i be able to survive"  I mean financially, man that is scary. It's not like starting a new job scary. It's am I going to freaking go broke all while starting a new job tightrope walking over a pool of hell, brimstone, and criticisms. "Can i do it"? 

Having confidence in my work. Sure no problem that has been built up over time. Having a great network of friends who know the business inside and out, Definitely a plus. But can i do it? It's not just my mouth I have to feed, It's this child too and man she eats A LOT!! 

YES! I can do it i am going to do it!! So needless to say I Just quit my Job to become a full time photographer, and then something absolutely awesome happened! I took a breath... My kid is happy, I am happy.. and yeah I've had quite a few bookings in the last 20 hours.

It seems like I for once made the right decision....

Everyone thank you for all of the support, I won't let you down.