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Magic Hour

When we as photographers say magic hour, typically we are talking about the sun, and natural lighting. Not the case....


This is about the Organization 

I came across a post or something about using your photography to give back and this company really stuck out to me. I am honored to be a part of it! It's powerful and really makes it all worthwhile.  They are a national network of professional photographers who look to serve individuals and families fighting cancer. They coordinate a photo session to celebrate the truly important things in life . These charitable portrait sessions provide an opportunity for families to feel special and strong while they relax, smile and enjoy time with loved ones. Above all, we strive to express compassion and love as we support them, no matter the outcome of their battle. 


Short and sweet but check them out!! If you are in need or a photog who wants to apply  

you can send them a message here or photogs apply here

Jeremy Fulk