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Ok the real start

Ok, so like i said in the about section the split happened and i was going out every night and just sitting around in a field and noticing that the stars where not too bad where i was. I decided to run home and get my camera. At that time it was a lowly Nikon d3200 with a 24-55 kit lens, Just standard run of the mill entry level dslr and the bad thing is it was a second hand camera with a big ass scratch in the sensor as you can see in the  picture below see that big dark line? yeah anytime I stopped it up past f4 there it was bright as day. So i was limited to basically just shooting at night anyway so it worked out  

So night in night out i was out taking pictures of anything and everything mostly the stars and boy did i suck at it, still do, they look a lot better now. The photos before are from the first set i ever showed anyone. Meh it's there you can tell it's there, but i knew it could be a lot better 

Jeremy Fulk